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Goal Planner

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The Goal Planner is a comprehensive & sophisticated planner designed to help you map out your yearly goals in an organized & selective way to stay focused on your goals. The undated format of the Goal Planner will allow you to start the planner whenever you like at any point in time. 

The Goal planner is not just a planner; it will be your best ally to define your short and long-term goals, and strategically create a plan to achieve them while staying productive on your daily to-do list. The Goal Planner is your constant reminder that you can manifest the life you want by following your action plan and staying consistent & focused on your goals. 

The Goal Planner will allow you to connect with your creative side & express your creativity by making your vision board and manifest your dream life anywhere & at any time you bring your planner with you! 

While using The Goal Planner, you will be motivated to:

  • Define specific goals to get you on track to success
  • Become more efficient & productive so you can spend more quality time on things you truly enjoy doing
  • Start each week with a special mantra to help you stay motivated during the week
  • Eliminate repetitive & unproductive tasks that are holding you back
  • Work smarter not harder towards the life you deserve
  • Create & maintain new habits you want to implement in your life
  • Get out of the routine & find activities to “switch off” your productive side & reset your brain to be even more focused on your goals 
  • Feel grateful for what you have & attract more blessings into your life
  • Practice self-reflection to know yourself better and focus on what truly matters
  • Use the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) personal productivity approach to help you declutter your mind & start living a more intentional life 
  • Become a more self-conscious person committed to your happiness & your success

The Key Elements:

  • The Vision Board: This section is designed to help you unleash your creative side by making your own vision board right inside your planner, so you can manifest your dream life at any time you desire. 
  • Three Planning Phases: These three phases are designed to guide you on how to create a road map of your goals for the year ahead. Put all your goals in paper & make a plan to break them down into actionable items throughout the year. 
  • The Monthly Calendar: This section is designed to give you an overview of the goals you will be working on during each specific month, while keeping you on track of your appointments and meetings. 
  • The Weekly & Daily Planner Pages: These pages are designed to help you plan out your weeks & days based on your roadmap for the year. You will be encouraged to determine your top priorities making you more efficient & productive in your everyday life. 
  • The Weekly Review: At the end of each week, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your week & your progress. Celebrate your accomplishments by thinking about your three big wins of the week.
  • The Quarterly Review: This section is designed to help you evaluate your progress on a quarterly basis. Going back to your roadmap & assessing the goals you set for yourself for those three months will boost your confidence & will also allow you to rearrange your timelines for any pending goals.
  • The Yearly Review: This section will allow you to go over the roadmap you created at the beginning of the year based on your different life categories & celebrate your success. You will have a holistic view of your progress during the year & will allow you to reflect on how powerful this new version of yourself is and how discipline and consistency are getting you closer to the life you desire.
  • The Habit Tracker: This section on your weekly planner is designed to inspire you to implement & track new habits in your life that will get you closer to the lifestyle you envision.
  • The “Get Out of the Routine Activity” Section: This section on your weekly planner will change your life! Every week, you will be encouraged to choose one leisure activity to fully relax your mind and body. This will reset your energy and will give you the motivation to become more adamant towards your goals.  


  • Undated Planner. Total of 60 undated weeks 
  • 1 full daily page per each day of the week (M-F), 1 weekend page
  • 12 undated months to be marked with stickers included in the planner
  • 60 undated week pages
  • 4 quarterly review pages
  • 1 yearly review page
  • Vision Board pages
  • 60 mantras of the week
  • Habit Tracker
  • 2 sticker pages
  • Calendar at a glance from each month
  • Shopping list section in weekly planner
  • Meal Planner & Gratitude sections in daily pages 
  • Password keeper
  • 9 Notes Pages


  • Gold-foil stamping hardcover
  • Each planner comes with its own bookmark
  • Inside pocket
  • 17cm x 21cm
  • 576 pages
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Camila Moreno
I love my Goal Planner!

I love my Goal Planner! The best tool to plan my days ahead.