Shipping & Return Policy

What is your return, exchange, and refund policy? Unfortunately, we do not accept refunds, exchanges, or returns. All sales are final.

What is the handling time and what is the average shipping time? Handling time is 1-2 business day. Please note that orders made on Friday will ship next week on Monday, which is the next business day. The average shipping time for domestic orders is 3-7 days. The average shipping time for international orders is 7-14 days. Once your order reaches your country, the shipment gets passed onto your national courier. If there's any issues, you must contact your local post office. 

My order arrived damaged. The box is squashed. The courier was not careful. Our customers are our main priority, we’re sorry that your order  is damaged. Please email us at with your name, order number and photos showing the damage, so we can take care of it.