About Us

We are a Canadian based stationery company that helps people achieve their dreams & stay organized through planning & organization products. Our products are designed to be functional & inspirational so our clients can reach their highest potential and live a happy & fulfilling life.

The Story Behind Us...

As three young professionals, we had one thing in common – We all three were passionate about empowerment and self-development. We also had another thing in common- We all dreaded Sunday nights because it meant we had to go back to the 9-to-5 job cycle the next day. We knew it was just not for us!

Beros was created on a Sunday night. We wanted to stop dreaming, and start acting towards the life we were craving for. We all love organization and planning ideas, and we wanted to motivate and to inspire people to find their true passion in life and work towards their dreams. Our goal was to become the most successful self-development and empowering company of all times! 

So we created a plan to bring Beros to «life», and we are determined to follow that plan. Our passion and determination helped us make our dream a reality, and now you’re part of this dream too!

We have learned one thing during this process- Passion and Discipline go hand in hand, and you need both to become who you want to be. Stop the excuses! Start acting!

Let´s do this together!!