Meet Ximena - Co-Founder

Ximena, who lives in Toronto & has two small kids, has been the one in charge of Beros’ customer relations. Her communication skills & attention to detail allows us to expand our vision & offer our best possible service to our clients. Ximena is a yoga lover & is very passionate about home decor.

Meet Camila- Co-Founder

Camila, who lives in Winnipeg and has a Siberian Husky called Leo, is the one behind all of our marketing & social media content. Because of her creativity & organization skills,  Camilla puts all of our ideas into action to position Beros as one of the best stationery companies in North America. Camilla is a fashionista & a makeup lover.

Meet Paula - Co-Founder

Paula, who lives in Toronto & also has two small kids, has been the one in charge of all of our logistics & events. Her time management & planning skills allows us to achieve our business goals & objectives in an efficient way. Paula is a travel lover.

Why Beros?

We all share the same passion for reaching our true and highest potential; We also share last names. BEROS (Ber- Bernal; Os- Osorio) brought us together for a purpose:

To stop dreaming, and start acting towards a life where freedom is the norm, working becomes a passion, and Mondays feel like Fridays.

Beros is passion, discipline and inspiration!

  • Passion

    We love what we do, and we teach you how to do the same! Everyone has a passion and we do our best to live ours, and help others find theirs and enjoy their lives to the fullest!

  • Discipline

    We strongly believe that drive and determination are the key to make Beros a successful brand. We work hard to create the coolest and most helpful products for you!

  • Gratitude

    Being grateful for your life right now sets the path for more and better opportunities to achieve your goals. Gratitude is one of the pillars of our company, it opens doors to greatness and prosperity!