How to use the Goal Bank

Are you ready to save $1000 dollars?

The first thing to do is to write down the goal you are saving for at the front of your Goal Bank.


Goal Bank


The Goal Bank allows you to save money at your own pace by using a tracking board to keep you motivated to achieve your $1000 saving goal.

Piggy Bank


Example: You have saved $10 today.

Step 1: Deposit $10 into your Goal Bank

Step 2: On your tracking board, cross out the box(es) that equals the amount you are saving for. For instance, you can cross the number ten, two fives, or any other numbers that add up to ten.

The boxes will help you keep track of your savings in a fun and dynamic way.

The Goal bank gives you the option to follow six instructions to help you save the first $300 at a faster pace. For example, if you follow the first instruction - “Deposit $ 10 and cross out all the book icons.”, go to the tracking board and cross out ALL the numbers than contain the book icons.


If you add the numbers of all the boxes with the book icon, you will notice they add up to $10, which is the amount you just inserted into your Goal Bank. This will allow you to cross out more numbers at a single time and complete your tracking board faster

You have the option to choose which instructions to follow, if any. If you are not following one or more instructions, use the boxes with the icons as regular boxes that you can cross out at any time.

Once you have crossed out all the boxes, you will have $1000 to use towards your goal.