Paula Bernal

 Do you feel like your list-to-do keeps growing without getting much done? Managing your time wisely is the number one secret to be more productive. 

If you are struggling to be more productive and organize your time better, we are giving you 5 tips to get things done:


  1. Make it visual: Having a calendar is the best way to organize your time. Start by writing down all your appointments and meetings. This will give you an idea of how much time you have remaining to complete the rest of your list-to-do. Use markers with different colours, set different categories for your pending items, make it fun!


  1. Start Strong: Always try to finish the most complicated task first and if possible, during morning time. We tend to have more energy in the morning, so you will be more focused and motivated to get it done. As the day goes by, our energy starts to decrease. When we do the most difficult tasks first and we start moving into easier tasks, we have a higher chance of completing our list-to-do on time.


  1. One at a time: A common mistake people make is to try to finish all at once. Create your list-to do but focused on the first 2-3 items first. Don’t look at the rest of your list, your goal is to finish those 2-3 goals first and then move on. Keep it simple!


  1. Spice it Up: Celebrate the small victories! No matter how small or simple your list-to-do looks like, celebrate the fact that you are becoming more productive and efficient. Take a break and go for a coffee run! Play a game or watch your favorite show after you have finished! Remember this is just to keep you going, but don’t fall for it! Keep going, you have more to do!


  1. Don’t Give Up: Having control over your time is more powerful than you think. If you spend only 2 hours per week focused on your list-to-do, you will have an extra 8 hours a month to spend it on YOU. That is a whole working day! Even if it looks like you do not have much time for yourself, you do! Write it down, make a plan and make it happen! And remember… DON’T GIVE UP!


Don’t get caught up on the daily routine, if you plan wisely you will be surprised at how much time you have available to work on your goals! We got it, we all have busy lives but with some planning we can make a change in our lives and make our days count…Let’s Keep It Real!

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