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Hello There!!

Welcome to Beros and welcome to our lives!! We are three girls passionate about planning and self-development.

Who Are We?

Paula is a wife and a mom of a 8 month old baby boy, Noah. She is also a Real Estate Agent passionate about organization and planning. Paula's favorite hobby is to travel the world! She's been in 25 countries so far and counting! Paula will be sharing some awesome travel tips, home workouts and useful tips for new moms...JUST LIKE HER!!

Ximena is a wife and a mom of a 27-month-old boy, Emmanuel, and a 4 month old baby girl, Olivia. Ximena is also a Human Resources professional passionate about helping people. Her main focus is to educate her kids and grow her business. Ximena is passionate about organization and time management (She's a busy mom after all!). She will be sharing great tips on how to deal with pregnancy, maternity and most importantly how to grow a business while raising two kids and BEING SUCCESSFUL AT IT!! 

Camila is a bride-to-be and a business professional passionate about productivity and planning. Camila's hobbies include make up, cooking and crafts! Camila will be sharing amazing beauty tips, cooking recipes, meal prep ideas, make up tutorials and of course...her journey planning her upcoming wedding!  

In this blog, you'll find out more about our lives and the things we love! We want to share our experiences and give you great tips on how to be more productive  while having fun!  

Stay tuned for our next post!!


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